Who Cares If They Like Your Hat?

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When I was a kid, my favorite book was Go Dog Go, by P.D. Eastman

Several years ago, in honor of my birthday, my sisters and one of my best friends took me to a performance of Go Dog Go at a children’s theatre. I’m not sure what we all expected, but it was a very interesting rendition with lots of runny noses, crying babies and small ankle biters!

I am laughing out loud as I type this thinking of us that day!

Heck, we barely fit in the seats!  Lol!

After the performance we all went to lunch, enjoyed several glasses of wine, laughed a ton and then, to remember the day, they presented me with the book.

Fun, Fun Memories!

Fast forward to a couple of days ago…I was looking for something in my closet and saw the book on a shelf, still wrapped in the perfect ribbon. I couldn’t stand myself. Just like when I was six years old, that shiny ribbon and book stopped me in my tracks and I sat down on the floor to read it through once again.

This time, though, for some reason, it was a little different for me.

What I noticed this time throughout the book is that this bad ass chick keeps asking this boy dog if he likes her hat. He keeps saying no and she keeps changing hats until he finally says yes! 

She asks him not once, but F O U R times!

Now, I know the book is meant in fun. And I still do love the book.

But really?

What struck a cord with me this time is that when I think about it, I have spent a lifetime searching for approval from others.

And, for me, it’s not positive strokes I need, but instead, it’s that I do everything right, I follow the correct path and do what the experts say I should do and do it their way. I’m always asking myself…what will they think if I change my mind, step outside the box, screw up or do something the nonconventional way?

I don’t think I’m alone here.  

In fact I believe this is one of the major reasons why so many people give up on doing what they’d really like to dobecause they’re afraid of what other people will think.

Does this hit home with you too?

So…I’m not really sure if finally, I’ve just grown some balls, or if I’m simply tired of trying to fit into the mold of the so-called experts, or maybe it’s just because I’m no longer six years old and somewhere through the years I’ve developed the I don’t need your approval attitude.

But I do know that this month is my birthday, I’m turning 56 years old, and I’m celebrating…

...not only  because it’s my birthday but also because 

I am finally saying…who cares. I’m doing it my way.

And I say to you…

Do it your way.

Yes, Be you.

Do you

Believe in you and the rest will follow.

And…as long as you like your party hat, that is all that matters!

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Get My FREE Guide Three Simple Steps To Rewrite Your Story

Rewrite Your Story and Crush Those Limiting Beliefs

Yes! I Want The Free Guide!