The One Word That Kills All Intentions

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The one word in the dictionary that can prevent you from following your dreams, growing a business, spreading your joy or finding your happiness…Perfection.

Why does perfection hold us back so?

According to, perfection is…the highest degree of proficiency, skill, or excellence. 

With that being said…do we ever get there?


If we were all at our highest degree of proficiency, wouldn’t that be boring? After all, where would you go from there?

Perfection requires practice.

It requires giving yourself enough grace to not get it right, the first, second or even third time (or heck- you may never get it totally right) and that’s ok.

If we could look at perfection as a journey or a process, then perhaps we would realize that it’s much more fun and enjoyable getting to perfection. 

Lighten up, laugh a little (or a lot) at yourself,

tweak and adjust as you go.

So here’s a fun story (you’ll see)…

I am in a small mastermind group and we are all experimenting with ways to be seen more. Since FB Live is very hot, we have been encouraging each other to jump on FB Live and start getting out there more (It really does increase your presence). The interesting thing is that everyone in the group has been planning on doing it since early January.

No one has done it.

There have been lots of comments and discussions of… what should I wear, should I be in a consistent space, what should the background look like, what should I say, where do I post it…it goes on and on.

But.    No.   Action.

In my usual mode of action, I decided I didn’t want to ponder and think about it any more. I just wanted (or should I say needed) to simply jump in. I told myself that if I wasn’t perfect, it would be fine, and I’m really good at laughing at myself.


Here are some screen shots of a few of my finest moments, with notes to myself, that I hope will help you 🙂

note to self…comb your hair and perhaps wear a little make-up 

Lighting Matters

Yep- Lighting definitely matters

Try to get your head in the camera- not just your boob

Outside is great but looking into the sun, makes you squint and look stoned

Perfection? LOL! Certainly Not! LOL!

Lessons learned? Definitely!

Am I out there? You Bet!

Do you love me less because I’m not perfect?  

I’m guessing the answer is no. 

(Of course if it’s yes, then you can just hop off my list right now -lol!)

Dang That Perfection…Don’t let it hold you back.

And if you’re thinking about getting out there on FB Live or anywhere else so you can be seen, here are 6 things that may help you beat the perfection fear

  1. Sometimes you simply have to step out on blind faith- go for it!
  2. Practice what you want to say, record it on your smartphone or a recorder, listen back and tweak it. (Only practice 2 times, at the most, before you do it for real- otherwise you will critique yourself to death.)
  3. Know that while there may (or may not) be lots of people watching you, typically they are not criticizing you; instead, they are wishing they had the courage to jump out there and do it themselves.
  4. Laugh at yourself. Let me say that again…LAUGH AT YOURSELF. If you laugh at yourself, I promise, others will laugh with you. Not being perfect will not only make you more likable, but you’ll also inspire and encourage others to follow suit.
  5. While it may matter a little what you wear, where you are and things of the such, it really doesn’t—present yourself as you want to be remembered, but most people watching don’t really care.
  6. Be yourself…there’s no better person to be.

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Cheers for having the courage to step out and be seen!

P.S. In the comments below, let me know your website or drop a link of your video or FB Live…I’d love to see you in action!

  1. LOVE this blog post, especially your examples with commentary. LOL! Way to go!

    1. SuzB says:

      Thank you Ellen! You know it’s so easy to get caught up in the fact that my FB Live videos have been far from perfect, but why not laugh a little, have some some and keep moving forward! Hope to see a video from you soon 🙂

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Rewrite Your Story and Crush Those Limiting Beliefs

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