The INFAMOUS Caramel Icing

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When I first met my husband, Mark, I was 19 years old. He is younger than me and at 17 years old, he thought he was quite a Casanova!

But from the day I laid eyes on him, I knew I would marry himno joke. Although I was a cute blonde (and an older woman-lol), I knew I would need to find some way to capture his eyes and his heart and lure him from all my competition.

So I baked.

A lot!

After all…

no better way into a man’s heart than through his stomach!

After a few dates, I met his parents. On one occasion, it was mentioned that yellow cake with the Infamous Caramel Icing was Mark’s absolute favorite.  And, as Lady Love would have it, his mom gave me the recipe.

And that is how it all began.

I have now been making a yellow cake with the Infamous Caramel Icing for 36 years!

You would think by now, I would have it perfected!

But, Um.. NO.

It is definitely an ongoing work in progress.

And though it ALWAYS tastes delicious, it never looks the same way twice!

It has taken me years to unravel the original recipe. 

Please note that:

I can NEVER get the burnt sugar to melt with NO lumps.

A Trace of Spoon  is completely subjective…what does that mean anyway?

10 minutes is a lie– but don’t leave it because it will boil over!

The temperature in the recipe is 238 degrees— note that is nearing hard ball, thus the icing is like rock candy at that temp. The correct temp is 234 degrees (soft ball)

For years I was told to cool it quickly, put it in ice water and beat it while it cools down. So, for years I have risked life and limb using an electric hand mixer while holding the boiling pot in ice water in the sink.  I DO NOT suggest this method. As a matter of fact…the last icing I made, (which turned out the best ever), I was on the phone and did not want to juggle electrocution with the phone so I simply let it cool on the counter as I beat it. Perfect!

Lastly, know that you can do all things correctly, and if the the sky is cloudy or rain is imminent, you may be eating the icing as rock candy or with a spoon as a side dish with the cake. LOL!

But…according to Mark, no matter what form it takes…it’s the best goodness he’s EVER put in his mouth.

SO, if you are still game and want the Infamous Caramel Icing Recipe, leave your name and email and it will be delivered to your inbox!

And if you’re really game

Join Me In The #Caramelicingchallenge on Facebook!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the recipe
  2. Bake any cake (I don’t care what kind- mine is a box yellow cake)
  3. Make the icing and frost the cake.
  4. Post it on your timeline with the hashtag#Caramelicingchallenge
  5. Be sure to tag me!
  6. On February 28th, the post with the Most Likes will get a super fun prize from me!

Only 1 Prize!

And remember..Famous words from Mark…

there are no tears in caramel icing. LOL!

Cheers to the Infamous Caramel Icing!