The Elephant In The Room

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Let me address the Elephant in the room.

Are you 100% sure that you are in the right place, or…are you second guessing yourself?

My dear friend posed this question to me last night, and without getting too woo woo on you, I will tell you that she said…your guides are telling me you feel unbalanced or unsettled. Then she asked…are you 100% sure on your decision?

The decision that she is referring to is becoming a partner with Rodan and Fields.

My answer to her was YES!.

I LOVE Rodan and Fields, both the product and the company, and I LOVE the fact that I can help women gain more confidence in their own skin, help them to feel better about themselves, help them to feel like they are worth spending a little extra time, money and effort on themselves and help them to grow another stream of income if they want.

My hesitancy is that it is an MLM…a multilevel marketing company and multilevel marketing has such a bad rap.

Ah…there it was

People think that if you are in an MLM, you are going to...

  • Chase them down for a sale
  • Every conversation is about a sale
  • If it’s not a sale, then you want to recruit them
  • You will be a harrasser (is that a word)?
  • It’s a pyramid scheme

So let me address the Elephant In The Room

First off, I have to laugh when I read the above list…because honestly, for just about any business event I’ve been to, I leave feeling like all the things on the above list were exactly the main agenda for all involved. Maybe not the pyramid scheme part-but everyone wants your attention and the sale.  LOL!

As for Rodan and Fields, I can tell you…

We are not a pyramid scheme- no, the brilliant doctors who founded Rodan and Fields have simply partnered with reps like me so that they can cut out the middle man and you can get multi-med regimes, for anti aging, acne and everything in between, that really work, from people like me…No dermatologists, No department stores. To me, that’s awesome!

And, although I would love to help you feel luxurious in your skin, I will not chase you down and every conversation will not be about sales—that would be boring!

So Relax.

For me, (as I have written before) it’s much more about helping you feel more confident in your own skin and feeling like you are worthy of more than Ivory soap (my story). And if you want another ah-mazing, sky is the limit opportunity, stream of income, you bet, we can talk about it!

So there you have it! The Elephant has been addressed!

I am hosting a Mimosa and Mini Facial party in my home this Sunday from 2:00 pm- 5:00pm.

I would love to have you come so that… 

  • I can treat you and make you feel good in your skin,
  • you can celebrate my new business with me,
  • you can have a lovely afternoon talking with other women,
  • and, you can have a mimosa on me.

I PromiseI won’t make you leave your credit card at the door or hold you hostage until you buy ( although that vision is pretty funny)! LOL!

Nope! Just come and enjoy!

I live in East Cobb- and my doors are open! I hope to see you!

Please email me at to RSVP and I will send you my address or text me at 770-317-6991

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Get My FREE Guide Three Simple Steps To Rewrite Your Story

Rewrite Your Story and Crush Those Limiting Beliefs

Yes! I Want The Free Guide!