My Love Affair With The Big Dipper

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I have a fascination with the Big Dipper, a love affair really, but probably not for the reason think.

While I love seeing a sky full of twinkling stars, (especially in the country where there are no other lights to dim their shine), I’m not an astronomer or anything close. LOL!  No, I’m simply an avid star gazer.

But…I like to play a little game with the constellations.

You see, ever since I was little, I have loved to pick out the Little Dipper—it’s easy to spot and I always thought it was kind of fun.

About eight years ago, we adopted a little dog, Grace. One year later we adopted Louie. The three of us have a bond…I am their pet and they are my loves so it works out well. LOL! At any rate, every night before bed we go outside and every morning, after Mark leaves for work at 5am, we start the day with a walk up the street. (At both times it’s pretty dark outside).

Every night, when we go out I always find that Little Dipper.

But…one night, several years ago, I was stargazing while we were out, and when I turned around, there it was just on the opposite side of the sky…The Big Dipper!

It was HUGE, and it was laid out right up in the sky, just for me!

Honestly, I ran inside and made Mark come see that thing! I don’t think he was nearly as enthralled with it as I was, but he placated me and said, I see it. It’s laid out just for you. I love your child like fascination. Then he kissed me on the cheek and went back inside, leaving me and the dogs standing there with my mouth wide open.

You bet, early the next morning I was out there looking again. And I found it…but it had moved!  I know you’re probably thinking…yes, crazy, the earth turns, so the stars move...but it took me a little while to grasp this concept. I’m a little slow sometimes, I’ll admit, hahaha! Honestly though, my fascination quickly turned into an obsession…

…which leads to the game I play…

Every night and every morning, I make it a point to find the Little Dipper and the Big Dipper. Of course, the Big Dipper is my favorite, because it is so magnificent…sometimes it looks like a big ole question mark in the sky!  I love that it’s never quite in the same place, so I really have to look for it.

Sometimes its cloudy or rainy, and so, guess can’t see any stars at all…and definitely no Big Dipper. But… I know they are there—always.

The reason why I’m sharing this story with you, is that this silly game reminds me every day that there is something so much bigger than mesome greater Power that is a constant and is always there, whether I can see it or not. I’m not in control nor do I have to be. I don’t have to arrange the stars, I don’t have to lay them perfectly in the sky and I don’t have to worry when it’s cloudy and I can’t see them.

I simply have to trust that there is a greater Power with a bigger plan, and all I have to do is keep moving forward…always looking for that magnificent north star.

Honestly, if we (you and me both) can just relax into the fact that we aren’t in charge, but instead being led by something so much bigger, it certainly takes the pressure off and allows us to enjoy the journey.

Check it out. I bet you’ll fall in love with the Big Dipper too.

I’s laid up in the sky just for you too!


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Rewrite Your Story and Crush Those Limiting Beliefs

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