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In May of 1989 I was head nurse on a twenty bed orthopedic unit.

I was also 5 months pregnant with my second child… and, I had found myself on the other side of the hospital bed as a patient—needing an emergency appendectomy.

The entire event is very much a blur…after all, it was almost 28 years ago.

But the one thing I do remember is the nurse who swooped in to put my IV in.

Her name was Holly Underwood.

She entered my room in her crisp whites and Clinic shoes—so serious and professional.

Hi, I’m Holly. I’m your IV Nurse and I need to put a needle in your arm.

Boom.   Done.   Gone

I had seen Holly around the hospital but did not really know her. And, little did I know that a couple of years later, I would find myself working on the IV Team right alongside her.

Interesting how friendships are born.

As we worked shifts together, I learned more and more about her…how she was from Florida, an avid tennis player, took care of both her and her ex-husband’s grandmothers (and had them live with her), she loved Boxer dogs, she was a great cook and …she was a ton of fun!

Side note…During this time, Mark and I lived in a tiny little wood framed bungalow. It needed an exterior paint job and we were planning to do that ourselves, but Mark wanted to strip the entire house first.

So…one day I asked Holly if she’d help me torch and strip all the paint.

Literally use a propane blow torch, heat the paint and scrape the entire house.

She said yes.

And we did…the entire house.

Who says yes to that?

I knew then that we were a match made in heaven, because if she said yes to thatthen she would say yes to anything!

Since then, she and I have done a lot of crazy things together—created a wallpaper hanging business called Paper Roses, swimming with the dolphins, taking bellydancing classes (lol- one of my faves)—to name a few.

I love that Holly is ALWAYS willing to try new things with me…especially things I’d like to try but wouldn’t do by myself. 

I think everyone should have a Holly because I believe that trying new things:

  • Keeps us stimulated and creative
  • Opens our eyes to new and infinite possibilities
  • Helps us figure out what we may or may not want to do
  • Keeps fun and play in our lives helping us to find balance
…all major reasons why I have created The Social Sisterhood— so you don’t have to experience fun and play by yourself and you get to know some really cool people.

Please note though…I don’t have bellydancing on the schedule-that was a near disaster and I gave away my pink jingle skirt-LOL!

But…I do have other great things planned 🙂

Oh, and if you’re thinking, that’s great, but I don’t have time to just play around and do fun stuff, then please know that playing around and having fun is the precise reason why Holly has connected me with some really cool business opportunities…not just because we’re friends, but because she really knows and trusts me.

You see…connection, then friends, then business.

Play.    Fun.    Friendship.    Personal Growth.    Business.

If you’re wanting to step out this year and experience a new way of networking… a combination of doing AND learning cool things, joining in honest conversation and NEVER giving your 30 second elevator pitch, then…

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Get My FREE Guide Three Simple Steps To Rewrite Your Story

Rewrite Your Story and Crush Those Limiting Beliefs

Yes! I Want The Free Guide!