Is Your Audience Missing You?

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I have two dogs, Louie and Grace, and you will find us four or five times a day walking up and down our street. I don’t think they really need to go outside that often, but I do—so I drag them along.

You see, my house is at the end of a dead end street, and we are surrounded by wooded lots that are unbuildable. I LOVE this because being in the outdoors fuels my soul and my creativity and here I’m in my own little green space and I am surrounded by nature.

We have coyotes, a fox, deer, hawks, along with a plethora of birds…some common and some not so much.

It is always a treat for me to see one of these lovelies just appear—

   like the coyote that stopped by in the middle of the afternoon and laid down across the street or…

 the fox dancing in the front yard in the moonlight trying to catch a flying bug or…

the deer standing in my flower garden munching down and looking me straight in the eye like she was saying thank you for the gourmet flower buffet I had laid out for her dining pleasure.


It’s pretty magnificent…and I am always watching and anticipating that something will show up just for me.

This past weekend did not disappoint..

Saturday morning, as I walked down my driveway, I was watching.

And good thing too…I watched a huge Bardde Owl take flight and land.

The interesting thing was that while I could see him, I couldn’t hear him and once he landed- I could no longer see him.

So… if I hadn’t been looking, I would have totally missed him.

Which brings me to the point of my whole story…is your audience missing you?

Owls, like most creatures in nature, are meant to blend in. In fact, to see one from behind, it looks like the bark of the tree.

It is only when you see it’s eyes and face that you realize how stunningly beautiful it is and how it then stands out.

We are much the same…

It’s easy to blend in. It’s easy to be like everyone else…it’s comfortable.

But…you have a unique brilliance…there is something about you that makes you stand out so you can be seen.

So the question is…What makes you different and How are you standing out?

I challenge you to answer those two questions.  Be honest.  Get clear.

If you want to make your mark, be an influencer, grow your business and succeed…you’ll need to be seen…
That starts with owning your inner gifts and
Then having the courage to stand out and share them. 

Need help?

Sometimes, we are afraid to claim our talents (we think it might make us look boastful or arrogant). And sometimes things come so naturally to us, that we don’t realize we’re doing something special.

Either way, here is an exercise I use to help my peeps get out of their heads so they can really see what makes them different and then what they do that makes them stand out.

It’s yours for free!

And once you fill it out, I always suggest keeping it where you can see it—daily. It’s such a great reminder!

You are special.   You have unique gifts.   Someone else needs what you have.

Stand Out.  Be Seen.  Be Unabashedly You.

Cheers to being you!

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Get My FREE Guide Three Simple Steps To Rewrite Your Story

Rewrite Your Story and Crush Those Limiting Beliefs

Yes! I Want The Free Guide!