HUGE Pinterest Fail!

Lessons I learned from a wedding Pinterest fail

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This has been my year of weddings.

In April my son was married and coming up in November, my daughter gets married…at my home.

As with most brides to be, she has a vision, many of which come from Pinterest. She creates boards, shares boards, likes boards…in fact, I receive notifications daily of boards that would be p e r f e c t for the wedding.

And…since we are a pretty creative, crafty somewhat DIY family, Jessie invited us all together for a get it done weekend afternoon.

We addressed wedding invitations, then created a cute little takeaway gift and then…we began the twine ball project.

There are so many perfect pictures on Pinterest of these lovely balls!


Jessie wanted to hang them in the trees, in the front and back yard, for beautiful, soft mood lighting. Really, how could you resist?

Unfortunately, though,  for us…not so much 

Mind you, two things:

  1. We were going to make about 30 of these balls—yes you read correctly 🙁
  2. We were 6, let me repeat…6 grown, intelligent women attempting a simple twine ball project

Here is how it went down…drum roll please…


Tons of laughter and…


A big fat mess!


But…No Twine Balls


Looks like a disaster, right? Yup, it was! LOL!

I bet there are some of you that can totally relate!

Now, we could have beaten ourselves up, talked about how untalented we were or how we weren’t smart enough to figure it out

Or…we could have chalked it up to a fun afternoon and, who wants twine balls anywaywhich is exactly what we did!

So what lessons did I take away for businesslife, (and wedding planning)? The same ones I always teach my clients:

  • Always have a backup plan
  • Don’t get too attached to the outcome. If it’s not working, it means there is something better waiting
  • Enjoy the process
  • Surround yourself with a fabulous support team
  • Laugh (a lot) along the way

Have you ever had a Pinterest fail?  Leave your comments below and share yours! I love knowing I’m not alone!




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P.S.S, a little disclaimer- the picture above is from Pinterest. Our instructions did not come from MuchoCrafts.  

  1. Looks as if you ladies had a great time! As an avid crafter, quilter, and sewist, I’ve often been drafted to create wedding decor. The “yarn wreath” from Pintrest became an ETSY purchase giving the bride the cherished autumn story board look that she had requested and saving me hours of aggravation — a win for both.

    1. SuzB says:

      Hi Judith! It’s so nice when fun projects come together!! Thank you for sharing! Susan

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Get My FREE Guide Three Simple Steps To Rewrite Your Story

Rewrite Your Story and Crush Those Limiting Beliefs

Yes! I Want The Free Guide!