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One of my favorite jobs ever  was when I was 17 years old. I worked at Bakers Shoe Store and sold shoes. I loved that job. It was a woman’s shoe store in the mall, so there was lots of traffic and women would simply pop in, try on shoes and sometimes walk out with boxes and boxes of different shoes…one for every occasion. I’ve always been passionate about shoes and I love being around people so it was a match made in heaven. And, for the most part, it was easy peasy and fun. 

But not always; every now and then there was…

  • That lady who would try on shoes that did not fit her feet and she didn’t want to go up a size. But, when her toes were dragging and chipping her polish or her heels were hanging off the back by 2 inches, it was in her best interest to gently (but strongly) suggest that she buy a bigger shoe size.
  • That customer who had no clue what she wanted so I had to ask what felt like hundreds of questions to find out her style, or if she needed them for a special occasion, did she want sheer comfort or was she willing to endure the pain in those ridiculously high heels (of course I didn’t say it that way)…but you get the picture. I had to find out her need.
  • The woman who came in for shoes but then left with a complete upsell ensemble including belt, scarf and designer handbag…oh, and a can of shoe care because she wanted the whole package.

Interesting, though, I actually embraced all those different clients and their needs, never letting any of those challenges get in the way. And, I’ve had lots of jobs since then, many of them in sales of some sort, and I’ve never found selling hard, until…

I entered the world of entrepreneurship and began selling myself.

Let me just say without sugarcoating it…learning to sell me sucked.

In fact, I was so bad at it, I had a business coach tell me that if I wasn’t going to sell myself, I might as well go back to a J O B.  

So what was my problem? Was it that…

  • Selling myself and my services always made me feel like the pressure was on and I either had to convince others that they needed me or I had to defend my prices?
  • I was afraid I’d be the person no one wants to be around?  You know, the one that everyone runs from because no one wants to hear your pitch one more time
  • I love helping others—so honestly, I would give everything away for free.

Yep- it was all those things and more! And, speaking from experience…

…if you are an entrepreneur and you cannot sell your services, then

Houston…We Have A Problem!

So, I have had to relearn that selling your services is just like selling those shoes.

Selling is offering a solution to a perceived problem. Some people will come to you just because they know what you do, they like you and you have a service they need so they buy.

More likely than not, you will need to ask what feels like hundreds of questions to find out what they really want and/or need. There will be times when you will need to paint a picture of possibility—like do you want your feet to hurt like hell in those 5″ heels, or would you rather feel like you are walking on air (lol), and then sometimes you will need to flat out tell them what they need (like a bigger shoe size). Any way you go, selling is about offering someone ways to solve their dilemmas and working with you is simply the vehicle to get them there. It doesn’t have to feel sleazy.

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To Your Sales Success!




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