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Last week was my husband’s birthday.

His favorite store is Home Depot.

It is not mine.

I only go into Home Depot when I need a “home item”. And when I do,  I usually spend what feels like hours searching for whatever it is I’m looking for, and…once I find said thing, there are so many choices that I am totally overwhelmed.

It’s not what I consider to be a fun or pleasurable experience.

But last week something amazing happened…something so fun and refreshing, that it would draw me back into Home Depot as a loyal customer.

Meet Calvin.

You see, before Christmas, Mark (my hubby) dragged me into his candy shop…i.e Home Depot, showing me all the tools and other man stuff that he loved—(hint, hint for a gift). There was one particular tool he wanted and there happened to be a display up front. I made a mental note of it and we kept moving. (I should know better).

He did not get that tool for Christmas. Fast forward…I thought it would be a fun surprise for his birthday.

So, on his birthday and with limited time, I ran to the HD and guess what – no more display.  Imagine that.

And, unfortunately, my mental notes are not as good as they used to be. LOL.

The only thing I had remembered, actually, was that the tool had an odd name- like a man’s name, and I thought if I just wandered up and down the tool isle, I might recognize it.

Not so much.

Enter Calvin.

As I stood there, staring at the rows of endless tools, Calvin went hustling by at the end of the isle.  He passed the isle, then backed up and said, m’am, can I help you find something?

Oh- I don’t know if anyone can help me, I said.  To which he proceeded to come down the isle to meet me where I was standing.

I started laughing and gushing— I have no idea…I don’t even know what to tell you I’m looking for.  You see I was here before Christmas with my husband, there was a display of tools up front and I thought I’d remember, but I don’t and the display’s not there anymore. Today’s his birthday and I’ve waited till the last minute…

I sounded ridiculous.

But, Clavin just stood there with a huge beautiful smile on his face listening intently to every word I said.

He then asked me if I knew what it did, to which I answered, No- I have no idea.  All I remember was that I think it had a weird name…like a man’s name.

And Calvin said…

Oh- You want a KREG Jig!

O. M. G.!

YES! YES! Yes I Did!

That is Exactly what I was looking for!     I S Q U E A L E D!!

 How.  Did.  You.  Know? 

He was smiling and laughing and he said…when you said a man’s name I knew exactly what you were talking about. Honey, come on- they are right over here.

Of course when we got to them they were on the top rack (I couldn’t reach so he got it down) and…of course there were several to choose from.  But Calvin just patiently went through the details and benefits of each. And in the end…I said- ok Mark does this for a living…he builds props for the movies. If it was you, which one would you want?  He told me and it was a done deal.

Here I had no idea what I was looking for…only had a bizarre description of some tool. In fact, I probably looked like a crazy woman…but, Calvin went out of his way, smiled the whole time and didn’t make me feel like an idiot or less than because tools are not my thing. Thank you!

Calvin was my HERO.

And you know what?  I bet he does that everyday…all day long. That’s how he stands out and he probably doesn’t even know it!

I skipped out of that store so elated! In fact, I got to my car and couldn’t stand it. I went back in, tracked him down (he was helping someone else is just the same manner) and asked if I could interrupt to take his picture. He just grinned.

This is how you stand out.

Do what you do, in your own special way and I promise…you are someone’s hero! 

Home Depot, please give Calvin a raise…he is your shining star!

And Calvin, thanks for being you!



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