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Eight years ago I walked into a Toastmasters Club, not knowing anything about it really, and not knowing anyone. All I knew was that I wanted to learn more about speaking and frankly, I didn’t know where else to go.

I remember after a few pleasantries with other members, I sat down at table and pretended to be busy (on my phone, reading the program for the evening)… I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about! Lol!

As I sat there praying we’d soon begin, a refined, younger guy walked through the door.

He was tall, very handsome and was sublimely put together…hair flawless, trendy, styled. His jacket hung perfectly—open just ever so much, so that his voguish checked dress shirt could purposefully peek through.

He was totally polished from head to toe.

I remember looking up, taking quick note and then just as quickly looking back down, immediately thinking…

We will NEVER be friends.

You see, I was the complete opposite…my hair was always out of place, I had no dress clothes (my closet consisted of scrubs) and I was always frazzled trying to juggle working at the hospital with taking care of my family which consisted of a middle schooler, a high schooler, one in college, my husband (who worked twelve hours most days) and my 80 year dad.

Nope.   This guy and I would NEVER be friends.   Dismissed.

As the universe would have it, though, seating was fairly full that night… so here he comes (I could see him out of the corner of my eye)

…and he sat down right next to me!  Really?

Because it was the polite thing to do, we exchanged hello’s but that was it.

I remember being so uncomfortable, after all…

I had no idea what was going on at this meeting and what do you say to someone who’s new like you and you’ve already determined you won’t be friends…? 

But...about fifteen minutes in, he leaned over to me and whispered…
are you as confused as I am?

Which made me laugh.  Out loud.

The ice was broken and the friendship was born.
We did have something in common…we were both clueless! LOL!

We both ended up joining that club. And...we did become friends, commiserating on presentations—how or what to write and/or deliver. We had fun. We joked about what may or may not be acceptable in the speaking world and we supported each other as we grew in our skills.

To this day we are best friends, and we have created several business ventures together, from a podcast, to his convention where he has invited me to speak several times to a new live stream radio show that we’ll be co-hosting together starting this February…Build Your Best Business, While Enjoying The Journey.

We are still complete opposites- which creates a great yin and yang in the business world.

I share this story with you to say…

When we see people at monthly networking events, or in general, really, we make first impression judgements of who we think we should, could, or need to meet and we deprive ourselves of friendships (and perhaps business ventures) because we don’t really get to know others.

There is not time or opportunity to be silly or play or have fun. And connecting at this level, I feel, is the foundation of core relationships; the deeper part of us that leads to friendship, trust and then business.

This philosophy is one of the reasons why

I have created a new revolutionary way to networkexperiential networking. A combination of doing AND learning cool things, joining in honest conversation and NEVER giving your 30 second elevator pitch!

I believe it’s connection, then friends, then business.

Play.    Fun.    Friendship.    Personal Growth.    Business.

If you want to check us out, find more information here!!

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