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Most entrepreneurs and small businesses underestimate the power of a story.

According to Annette Simmons, author of Whoever Tells The Best Story Wins“your ability to influence people is directly related to what others know or believe about you.…You need to tell a good story of who you are in order to gain the trust of others.”

And, in Highly Recommended, Paul M. Rand describes how influence, recommendation and word of mouth work: “Develop a clear & purposeful story of how you want people to talk about and recommend both you and your brand.”

so what is story branding?

Story Branding is using your unique story(ies) to describe what you do, to showcase the results that your clients have received and to draw your ideal clients to you so that they become raving fans!


HIGH ENERGY, INTERACTIVE INTENSIVE designed to teach entrepreneurs and small business owners like you how to use your stories to build your brand and attract your perfect clients so you can grow and monetize your business.

at the end of this day you will know:

  • How to Develop and Use your Signature Story(ies) to BRAND Yourself and your Business Image

  • Strategies to help you Find and Develop Stories for your “Story Closet” so you can ATTRACT and CAPTIVATE your Ideal AUDIENCE

  • How to Create Brand Stories that SELL, without being Sleazy

  • How to Change and REWRITE your story (yes, you can change your story)

    plus… you’re going to have a ton of fun doing it!

If you are ready to elevate your business and your brandattract your perfect groupies, monetize and grow your business, then this event is for you!

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