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whispers from the universe

This past week I went to a funeral of Mark’s cousin…a man who was only sixty years old. Two days prior to his death, he and his son had been out enjoying lunch with one another. No Signs.      No warnings.    ...
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The One Word That Kills All Intentions

Perfection. The one word in the dictionary that can prevent you from following your dreams, growing a business, spreading your joy or finding your happiness…Perfection. Why does perfection hold us back so? According to, perfection is…the highest degree of proficiency, skill, or excellence.  With that being said…do we ever get...
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Is Your Audience Missing You?

I have two dogs, Louie and Grace, and you will find us four or five times a day walking up and down our street. I don’t think they really need to go outside that often, but I do—so I drag them along. You see,...
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Are You Being Seen?

Have you ever watched Skin Wars? I’m not a big T.V. watcher, but this show fascinates me. I love that artists can use the human body as a canvas and create an illusion that totally fools the eye. I particularly love this above picture....
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Meet Holly!

In May of 1989 I was head nurse on a twenty bed orthopedic unit. I was also 5 months pregnant with my second child… and, I had found myself on the other side of the hospital bed as a patient—needing an emergency appendectomy. The...
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What Do Goats And Your Business Have In Common

I'm sure you have no clue! LOL!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will notice that frequently I post pictures or short videos of goats. I love goats, in fact you might say l’m a little obsessed with them. In my dreams, I have a vision of having several in my...
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How Do You Feel About Selling?

...Because I Hated Selling Until I Realized It Doesn't Have To Be Sleazy!

One of my favorite jobs ever  was when I was 17 years old. I worked at Bakers Shoe Store and sold shoes. I loved that job. It was a woman’s shoe store in the mall, so there was lots of traffic and women would...
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Why The Experts Are Not Always Right

Sometimes They Don't Share The Full Story

I can remember a time, just six short years ago, when I had just retired as a nurse and I had plunged head first into the world of entrepreneurship. One of my closest friends would always say to me…you need to network. I would...
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HUGE Pinterest Fail!

Lessons I learned from a wedding Pinterest fail

This has been my year of weddings. In April my son was married and coming up in November, my daughter gets married…at my home. As with most brides to be, she has a vision, many of which come from Pinterest. She creates boards, shares boards, likes boards…in fact, I receive notifications daily of boards that would...
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