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Garden Lessons

I’m a garden girl. And I garden with abandon. When I first moved into my home some twenty something years ago, I moved into the home my parents built. My parents had made sure to have someone carefully landscape the yard and everything that...
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The Tattered Hawk

Every morning I walk my dogs. Today was no different. Coffee cup in one hand and two leashes in the other, Grace, Louie and I slowly meander quietly up our street. I listen to the symphony of bird songs ringing through the air. The dogs run along...
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Don’t Be Caught With Mud On Your Face

Meet my sweet boy, Louie. I actually have 2 little dogs that are my four legged angels. They found me several years ago, and we have been always together companions since. To say I LOVE them is an understatement! Grace is a sweetheart. Louie, on...
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Wishing Gets You Nowhere

Usually I write and speak about things that I, myself, have been called out on or need to work on. Nothing like openly sharing my shortcomings-LOL! And…usually I think that, if I can use some help, others can too. The other day, I was lamenting...
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The Elephant In The Room

Let me address the Elephant in the room. Are you 100% sure that you are in the right place, or…are you second guessing yourself? My dear friend posed this question to me last night, and without getting too woo woo on you, I will tell...
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Bigger Than Me

Sometimes we do things simply because they are BIGGER than us. I recently added another layer to my business. Yeah!   Was it an easy, snap decision to add? Nope. It’s actually been a decision brewing for over two years. And, while I’m totally excited...
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whispers from the universe

This past week I went to a funeral of Mark’s cousin…a man who was only sixty years old. Two days prior to his death, he and his son had been out enjoying lunch with one another. No Signs.      No warnings.    ...
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My Love Affair With The Big Dipper

I have a fascination with the Big Dipper, a love affair really, but probably not for the reason think. While I love seeing a sky full of twinkling stars, (especially in the country where there are no other lights to dim their shine), I’m...
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Who Cares If They Like Your Hat?

When I was a kid, my favorite book was Go Dog Go, by P.D. Eastman Several years ago, in honor of my birthday, my sisters and one of my best friends took me to a performance of Go Dog Go at a children’s theatre....
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Are You Blind To Your Own Vision?

For many years, I worked as a nurse (26 years to be exact), so it’s no wonder that for several years after I left nursing, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that… yes, the structure of the entrepreneurial world...
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