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Have you ever watched Skin Wars? I’m not a big T.V. watcher, but this show fascinates me. I love that artists can use the human body as a canvas and create an illusion that totally fools the eye.

I particularly love this above picture.

At first glance, you see the powerful warrior goddess confronting the lizard demon. She truly has the upper hand and could spear him if she wanted to.

But…if you look a little closer to the right, you see a hidden figure perfectly blended into the background.

Go ahead, go back…take a moment to really look at it. It is exquisite and I don’t want you to miss it.

Cool, right?

The reason why I LOVE this work of art (besides the fact that it is brilliantly beautiful) is that I feel like it is a reflection of me…and in reality, a reflection of many of us.

You see, I believe we all have unique, incredible, brilliant talents and giftswe are warrior goddesses in our own way.

And interestingly…others see us just like that…fearless, out there ready to take on the the lizard demon.  

Many of us, however, don’t see ourselves that way. Instead, we retreat into the shadows just like this hidden figure.

We’re afraid to be seen.

If we are seen, people will judge us, they’ll unsubscribe, we might look too pushy, we might fail or
worse, for me...

I might succeed
and then what?

A good friend of mine just called me out on this.  I mean totally called me out.

As you know, I just launched The Social Sisterhood, a social networking group for women to come together, add more play and fun into their lives while meeting and networking with others; the core message being we need more play and connection as friends first, then business follows. (You can check it out here).

While I was promoting it, my  friend said…why aren’t you all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? You should send out a last call for the dinner email. Why aren’t you doing that?

Our conversation went back and forth and I could come up with a hundred different reasons, and she finally said…are you afraid to be seen? I think you’re afraid to be seen because it’s going to be a huge success. You’ll be a huge success and that scares you.

BAMM!    There it was!    Just BAMM!And you know what?

She was dead on…totally right.

Success scares me much more than failure. Failure is comfortable.
I can fail all day long…and I can get back up all day long too.

But blow it out of the water success…WHOA!


And here’s the deal…I know I am not alone. 

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could surround ourselves with others so we could lift and support each other as we all SUCCEED together?! 

Well, my friend, the first step to growing, succeeding or being that higher version of yourself is to start being seen...kicking the I’m too busy’s and I don’t have time’s and all the other excuses to the curb, start showing up physically, in person, making friends and sharing what you do with others—in a genuine, authentic way.

If you are game...I’ve created the perfect place for you to start. 

Join us in The Social Sisterhood, a group of strong, incredible women, enthusiastic about growing both personally and professionally.

A place where you can
network, expand your circle of friends and influence and be authentically you while adding more fun, more play and more personal growth in your life.

You don’t have to be perfect.

You don’t have to put on airs.

Heck…you don’t even have to have a businesscould be you just have a dream or you simply want to be around other women who inspire you. 

It’s THE Perfect Place to start being seen.

If you want to find out more about us (which you do) or how to join, click here…The Social Sisterhood.

Start being seen.

Don’t just look like the warrior goddess. Step out and BE the warrior goddess you already are.  

I know I am.

Join Me. 

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