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my story

For as along as I can remember, I have wanted to make really BIG things happen. I have just never known exactly how I was going to do that. It has taken me years to hone in on my talent and NOW I make big things happen for other people.

My story is probably very similar to many others’ stories- that’s why I think it’s important to share. My story is about staying in a career (that I did not enjoy) for far too long and for all the wrong reasons. A story about finally breaking free of the job only to find myself a prisoner of my own thoughts.

…and in the entrepreneurial world- there is no room for head talk!

You know the talk…the talk that tells you you’re not good enough, experienced enough. talented enough or have enough knowledge. It’s the same talk that tells you to hire coach after coach and product after product, and maybe one day you’ll have what it takes…

until that one day is the day you look at your taxes and and say holy s*%#!! – I spent how much??

And that is the MOMENT when you draw the line in the sand and start doing instead of letting all your fabulousness pass the world by!

Which brings us to here. 

My heart is with stories and people. I love, love, love people and their stories. I love the way we connect through stories and get motivated and inspired through others’ stories. I love the way a single story can set you apart and in some instances change the world for the better! And I get really jazzed talking to others about their stories and showing them how they can use them to grow their business and influence others.

Above all, I also believe we write our lives’ stories. The stories we are born into are simply chapters that we can rewrite at any time. They do not define our future. So why not write yourself as the HERO rather than the victim?

So…what do I do?
  • I help you REWRITE your story so you can live the life you were meant to live.
  • I give you ideas, structure, direction, constructive feedback and accountability so that you no longer can use the same old excuses to hold you back.
  • I help you share your story so you can connect with your ideal clients.
  • I help you get out of your own way so you can share your awesomeness.
  • I help you create a brand that shares your message in such a way that others connect with you, fall in love with you and yes, buy from you.
  • I help you learn to write stories and make stories a regular creative part of your life-

I believe that…

  • Family and Friends come first
  • YOU can TOTALLY change your story
  • People want to make a difference
  • Great Storytellers make the B E S T Speakers
  • Your Story is I M P O R T A N T
  • Work must have a purpose
  • Making money is a good thing  
  • FunCreativity and Celebrations are a M U S T
  • Stories and speaking are the ULTIMATE way to build your business and your bottom line
  • A N Y T H I N G Is Possible

Ever wonder what’s possible for you! Let’s explore it together!

I’m so glad you’re here!



This was the beginning.

Looking back…it should have been a sign that everything I have truly enjoyed doing and been really good at has centered around stories and sharing my gifts in a BIG way!

  • In my other life I was a nurse, for 26 years. Yes, I know- that’s a very long time.My favorite part of the job was hearing my patients’ stories.
  • I’ve studied stories and speaking (including stand-up comedy with the Jeff Justice Comedy Class) for the past eight years and I understand the importance of sharing your story and speaking to magnify your purpose.
  • I am a 6-Figure Certified Coach through the Top6 Certification Program with Tommi Wolfe
  • I was a co-host of the podcast The Better You Project for three years where we shared the stories of the entrepreneurial journey (ONE OF THE FAVORITE THINGS I’VE DONE)
  • In November 2014, I was asked to participate in the Dr. Oz Happiness House Project, with Pastor Rob Bell, sharing my positivity and coaching techniques with other women. Pretty cool, huh?