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Successful businesses are built on a platform of know, like and trust. Using stories to connect with your clients is by far, the number one way to build this relationship. If you are not infusing and using stories, you are probably stagnant and definitely leaving money on the table. Your signature story sets your business apart from the others and attracts your perfect client to you. If you want to stand out in a crowded world and grow your business into your business, you are missing out on a crucial component of branding and attracting your perfect tribe! Grab your Quick Guide NOW and start creating a brand that makes you stand out above the rest!

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Working with Susan really helps me to get clear on who it is I’m here to serve and how to reach them. With a light-hearted approach to real business strategy, Susan digs in to the communication piece of marketing and helps to polish it up. I consider my time with her really valuable to my business.

Cristin Zegers

Susan helps you accomplish your goals by first making you identify them very specifically so you know when you’ve accomplished them. She takes the time to get to know you and what you do so you can both create a strategy for your success. She doesn’t provide some cookie-cutter, generic solution; it’s tailored to your needs and abilities. Working with Susan is a wise, sound, guaranteed investment!

Carrie Peeples

Susan and I have been meeting over the past two years to brainstorm ideas, strategize and share in our creativity.  Her enthusiasm, creativity and insightfulness bowl me over.  Susan has encouraged me to dream bigger, set goals, and use my stories to grow my followers. I love working with this woman!  


Ellen Bulterman